Iron with Folic acid in a daily dose.



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200 in stock (can be backordered)

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Product Description :

FUROFERR Tablets integrated with Iron (Ferrous Fumarate) and Folic Acid, make it a perfect dietary supplement to upraise and maintain iron & Folic Acid deficiency, low levels of hemoglobin, imbalance in blood cell count, and reproduction. FUROFERR – Iron and Folic Acid Supplement Tablets are also a lot more beneficial in reducing fatigue and weakness associated with pregnancy and in lactation or due to iron and folic acid deficiency and provide strength and physical fitness. It also helps with PMS (premenstrual syndrome), menstrual problems, increases the production of red blood cells maintains blood loss during menstruation and decreases fatigue, reduces anxiety, and boosts the immune system.

Ingredients :

Each tablet contains:

Ferrous fumarate …………. 80 mg

(Equivalent to 26.6mg of iron)

Folic acid …………….…. 0.35 mg

Benefits :

  • Increase the level of hemoglobin & reproduction of Blood cells
  • Reduce Iron & folic acid deficiency
  • Helps with weakness, fatigue, and anxiety
  • Prevents PMS and Menstrual problems
  • Strengthen immune system
Pack Size

20 Tablets


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