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CALPRO Tablets

PKR 610

Calcium, Minerals with Vitamin C,D&KCALPRO Tablets consist on a highly researched and unique combination of calcium sourced from (micro crystalline Hydroxyapatite) Ossien complex & minerals with vitamin C, D and K2 helps to absorb and deliver complete nutritional benefits to the body. Especially (micro crystalline Hydroxyapatite) Ossien ..



PKR 400

     Calcium, Mineral vitamin D3 with Omega-3      DOLMIT tablets contain essential minerals along with calcium to improve bone structural health, strengthen the healthy cell’s inter communication, enhance neural signals and relieves in muscle contractions. Supportive for bone conditions like Weak bones, osteoa..



PKR 380

FUROBIN Tablets (Iron, Multivitamin and Minerals Supplement)FUROBIN an easy to absorb iron formulation with essential vitamins and minerals helps to reduces iron, vitamin & mineral deficiency in body and maintain hemoglobin level in blood and body.  It helps to decreases the feeling of anxiety, tiredness, fatigue, stress and impro..



PKR 430

FUROFERR TabletsFUROFERR Tablets integrated with Iron (Ferrous Fumarate) and Folic Acid, make it a perfect dietary supplement to upraise and maintain iron & Folic Acid deficiency, low level of hemoglobin, imbalance blood cells count and for their re production. FUROFERR Tablets is also a lot more beneficial in reducing fatigue and weakness ..



PKR 385

        OSEOPLEX tablets is a dietary supplement which helps to maintain the minerals particularly calcium, to supports the proper bone growth and helps to prevent the bone related conditions like brittle bones, arthritis, inflammation and osteoarthritis , it also relief in morning stiffness, muscular cramps and helps to end..


OSTEOCARE D3 Advanced Tablets

PKR 407

NuGen present Osteocare advanced D3 tablets combination of Calcium, magnesium Zinc and Vitamin D3, supports body structural health, bone integrity and Skelton structure. It helps to relax contracted muscles and make joint movements easy and keeps body flexible. It, reliefs in Osteoarthritis, Arthritis and Osteoporosis, nourishes week bones and ..

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